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  • About us

    HD&P provides solutions to transmit serialized digital or analog video signals to long distance via single mode, or multimode fiber optic link. Separate transmitter, receiver pair and SFP type solutions are available. We have solutions to convert serialized electrical digital video signals or analog signal to optical, or optical signals to electrical digital video signals or analog video signal. HD&P video series can be applicable in the field of security and surveillance, CCTV or broadcasting system based on optical communication technology.

  • History

    2015 : Developed AHD/CVI/TVI Fiber Optic Link 2014 : Developed Fiber Optic Camera 2013 : Developed 3G/HD/SD-SDI Fiber Optic Link 2011 : Awarded 3million dollars Exportation
    Developed Video SFP Module
    2010 : Developed 3G/HD/SD-SDI Fiber Optic Video Extender
    Developed Dual Rx SFP Module
    2003 ~ 2010 : Developed Opto-Electronic device 1999 : Established a firm and R&D center

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    Gateway Pacific, LLC

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